Divorce Redemption

Divorce doesn’t have to end in tragedy. Tune in to find common ground with individuals who have suffered a broken relationship – and made it through. Just like you will.

Early decisions affect marriage a decade later


While in a self-described “power couple,” a woman tells her story of her 10-year marriage. Reflecting back on her divorce she realizes some of the…

Three Strikes

single man

Three divorces later, one man gains wisdom about not only marriage, but about love and life in general. Listen as he tells his story of…

No More Blame


After blaming himself for a broken marriage, one man with a strong support system and a wise counselor gets his feet back on the ground…

Doing What’s Best for YOU in Your Divorce


After her husband’s repetitive affairs, several counselors, and many attempts at forgiveness, a mother of three made the decision to end her marriage. September 7,…

Victim of Abuse and Cheating Creates New Life


A woman, married for 11 years, bravely chooses a divorce to end years of physical abuse and cheating. Not knowing the steps involved created a…

A Second Chance at Life


A woman tells her story of how an attempt at suicide, mental disorders, and infidelity led to her divorce, and later leading her to seek…