Celebrity Divorce Gore

Host: Geoff Carter

The entertaining yet informative world of celebrity divorce drama, according to Geoff Carter. (At least your divorce wasn’t as bad as some of these!)

Stars divorced many times- 5th times the charm?

Borken Heart

In this episode, Geoff has a co-host (Bob) in to discuss different celebrities who have been divorced multiple times! Be sure to listen!! September 26,…

The Hulk-ster, his sex tape, and expensive divorce!


Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s who didn’t like or at at least watch Hulk Hogan?! We all wanted to be able to rip…

Usher and Tameka – Smooth moves, highly talented – but Mom has to approve!

Let it burn

Usher who is known widely for a his handsome looks, talented dance moves, amazing music – decides to finally call it “quits” on wife Tameka……

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards- Anger mixed with popularity = Ugly outcome


Have we heard enough about Charlie Sheen? Well I hope not because I have a crazy yet interesting divorce story involving him and the gorgeous…

Tiger Woods: An expensive sex addiction


Another amazing pro athlete who has accomplished many titles and is known for being one of the greatest pro golfers ever. In this podcast I…

Michael Jordan-The more money you have, the more expensive your divorce can be


Known as the best basketball player to have ever played, and one of the top athletes as well…On this show you will learn not only…

Kim K. and Kris- Short Marriage, Expensive Divorce


Almost everyone knows them…the Kardashians! Never a dull moment for this highly visible, dysfunctional family. The latest issue grabbing headlines: the divorce of Kim Kardashian…

Tom C and Katie -The controversial divorce involving fame, money, and religion

money 3

TomKat- Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The controversial divorce involving fame, money, and religion – This is another dynamic episode of Divorce Gore where we…