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Divorce Talk Radio provides support for individuals suffering the effects of broken relationships through podcasting. Here you will find online shows addressing the legal, financial, and therapeutic concerns of people wrestling with the challenges of moving on with their lives.

Divorce Law Talk provides legal information about divorce-related issues including co-parenting, child support, custody and visitation. Moving Forward focuses on the counseling needs of individuals and children. Celebrity Divorce Gore focuses on a variety of famous people going through divorces. And, in Divorce Redemption, you have the opportunity to hear the real stories of people who have struggled with the aftermath of their divorces and made it through – just like you will.

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Dealing with the “Disney parent”


Emily and Kevin talk about dealing with a Disney parent. They discuss ideas on coping with your child after being spoiled with the other parent….

Divorce and your relationship with your children


Emily McGrath has parenting expert Dr. Laura Markham on this episode of Moving Forward. They discuss alternative ways to punishment while working with your children….

Reconnecting with your children, stopping negative behavior

kid looking down

On this episode, Emily McGrath has child behaviorist Bryan Post on Moving Forward. During this episode Bryan and Emily discuss ways to reconnect with your…

Is there an increase in divorce around Valentine’s day?

Borken Heart

In this episode, Attorney Brad Tengler and Geoff Carter discuss the increase in divorce around the “holiday of love.” Studies have shown that February sees an 18…