Tiger Woods: An expensive sex addiction


Another amazing pro athlete who has accomplished many titles and is known for being one of the greatest pro golfers ever. In this podcast I tell you of the hectic divorce mainly caused by Tiger’s expensive sex addiction!




Jeff: At first the birds are chirping, the dogs were barking. White picket fences, brand new Lamborghinis, beachfront properties, love is in the air. But then comes lies, greed, and cheating, which turns a beautiful marriage into ugly, bloody and expensive.


We know that not all marriages have a happy ending, especially those of the rich and famous, athletes and celebrities. That’s why we bring you Celebrity Divorce Gore, filling you in on all the divorces of the celebrities. Welcome to Celebrity Divorce Gore.


Welcome to Celebrity Divorce Gore. This is your host, Jeff Cartern, and tonight I’ve decided to do another athlete. You know, athletes deserve their credit too, so I’ll show you this one.


One of the most successful golfers in history, winning the Masters Tournament four times, the US Open three times, the PGA Championship four times, and the British Open three times, and the person we’re going to talk about tonight is Tiger Woods.


Golf Announcer 1: I have seen a number of players putt from the back part of this green, and the results have not been good. Johnny, that’s better than most.


Golf Announcer 2: How about in?


Golf Announcer 1: That is better than most, better than most.


Tiger’s approach on the way, at the fifth.


Golf Announcer 3: Well, that was from 114 yards, and beautifully judged.


Jeff: So yeah, I decided to choose Tiger Woods for my Celebrity Divorce Gore story for this episode. He is an American professional golfer if you haven’t known. Eldrick is his real name, Eldrick Tant Woods, they called him Tiger Woods. The reason why they call him Tiger Woods, his father named him that. His father, Earl, nicknamed him Tiger after a South Vietnamese soldier with whom he had fought alongside during the Vietnam War with.


Let’s see here, he has 78 PGA tour wins, the second of all time, 39 European tour wins, third of all time, Japanese Golf Tour, two, one Asian tour, one PGA Tour of Australia. Let’s see here. Masters, he won in ’97, 2001, 2002, 2005. US Open he won in 2000, 2002, 2008. The Open, 2000, 2005, 2006. PGA Championship, ’99, 2006, 2007. He got the Rookie of the Year in 1996, PGA Player of the Year a ton of time. I’m not even going to name all of them. It looks like about 12. PGA Tour Player of the Year. PGA Tour Leading Money Winner. Barton Trophy. Byron Nelson Award. FedEx Cup. Just a lot of stuff, man. It’s just crazy. It’s crazy how many things he’s done. He’s a very, very talented athlete Tiger Woods is, if you haven’t noticed.


Always wearing his vest shirt on Sundays, the traditional guy there. He turned professional in 1996. By April ’97 he had already won his first Major, that’s the 1997 Masters. In a record-breaking performance he first reached the number one position in the world rankings in June 1997. Through the 2000’s Woods was a dominant force in golf, spending touring 64 weeks from August ’99 to September 2004, and touring 81 weeks from 2000, June 2005 to October 2010 as world number one in golf. Wow.


Woods was born in Cypress, California, to Earl and Katida Tida Woods, Tida, not Tiger. Born in 1944. He is the only child of their marriage, but does have two half brothers, Earl Jr. and Kevin, and a half sister, Royce.


Let’s see. Earl is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and Vietnam War veteran. He was African American, Native American and possibly Chinese ancestry.


Woods’ first name, Eldrick, was coined by his mother, because it began with E for Earl and ended with K for Katida. His middle name Tant, and it’s a traditional Thai name. He was nicknamed Tiger in honor of his father’s friend Colonel Vijong Dang Pong. What a great guy.


In college, professional, he’s done it all. He became a professional golfer in 1996, like I said. 2000, Woods achieved his six consecutive wins, the longest winning streak since 1948. One of these was in 2000 in the US Open, where he broke and tied nine tournament records in what Sports Illustrated called “The Greatest Performance of Golf History.”


At age 24, he became the youngest golfer to achieve the career grand slam. At the end of 2000, Woods has won nine of the 20 PGA Tour events he entered, and he had broken the record for lowest scoring average in tour history. He was named the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, the only athlete to be honored twice, and was ranked by Golf Digest Magazine as the 12th Best Golfer of All Time. That was in 2000.


Woods’ victory in 2001 Masters Tournament made him the first player to hold all four major professional golf titles at the same time, following his steller 2001 and 2002 performance that he had.


Now, Woods has had some crazy stuff. Let’s talk about his endorsements. Woods has been called “The World’s Most Marketable Athlete.” Shortly after his 21st birthday in 1996, he began signing endorsements deals with numerous companies, including General Motors, Titleist Golf Balls, you know Titleist company, General Mills, food, you’ve got to get the food line too, duh. Especially with name Tiger, why wouldn’t you? Tony the Tiger. Great! American Express, Accenture, and Nike Incorporated.


In 2000, he signed a five-year, $105 million contract, baller status there, contract extension with Nike. It was the largest endorsing deal ever signed by an athlete at that time.


Woods’ endorsement has been credited with playing a significant role in taking the Nike golf brand from a start-up golf company earlier in the past decade to becoming the leading golf apparel company in the world, and the major player in the equipment and golf ball market industry.


Nike Golf is one of the fastest growing brands in the sport, with an estimated $600 million in sales in Nike Golf alone.


Woods has been described as “The Ultimate Endorser” for the Nike Golf, frequently seen wearing Nike gear, obviously. He’s always wearing a Nike hat and Nike red shirt.


Let’s see. What else? Woods collaborated closely with Tag Heuer to develop the world’s first professional golf watch, released in April 2005. The lightweight titanium constructed watch there, designed to be worn while playing the game, incorporates numerous innovative design features to accommodate golf play, duh. It is capable of absorbing 5,0000 Gs of shock, far in excess of the forces generated by a normal golf swing.


In 2006, Tag Heuer Professional Golf Watch won the prestigious It Product Design Award in Leisure Lifestyle category.


Woods also endorses the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series of video games. He has done so since 1999.


In February, 2007, along with Roger Federer and Thierry Henry, Woods became an ambassador for the Gillette Champions marketing campaign. Gillette did not disclose financial terms, though an expert estimated the deal could total between $10 million or $20 million.


In 2007, in October, Gatorade announced that Woods has his own brand of sports drinks. Starting in March 2008, Gatorade Tiger was his first US deal. I don’t remember that. I don’t think I ever had any Gatorade Tigers. And I worked for Pepsi and I don’t remember that.


Although no figures were officially disclosed, Golf Magazine reported that it was for five years and could pay $100 million. That’s not even it. He made $769 million from 1996 to 2007. The magazine predicted that by 2010, Woods would pass a billion in earnings. That was in 2010. It’s 2013 now fellas, ladies and gentlemen. It’s way more than that. A lot of money. That’s just ridiculous. And that was just golf.


In 2003, marriage, Woods became engaged to Elin Nordegren. Am I saying that right? It’s a Swedish former model and daughter of former Minister of Migration, Barbro Holmberg and radio journalist Thomas Nordegren. Let’s see, they were introduced during the Open Championship, 2001, by Swedish golfer Jesper Pernovich [SP]. Oh yeah, I’ve heard of Jesper, definitely, who had employed her as a au pair. Am I saying that right, au pair? They married in October 5th, 2004, at the Sandy Lane Resort in Barbados and lived in Isleworth, a community of Windemere, a suburb of Orlando, Florida.


In 2006, they purchased a $39 million estate in Jupiter, Florida, and began constructing a 10,000-square-foot home. Woods moved there in 2010, following the couple’s divorce, that we’re going to get into a little bit, while.


Infidelity. Let’s talk about their infidelity here. The reason why Tiger Woods is divorced. Why? That whole thing happened. In November 25th of 2009, supermarket tabloid, National Enquirer, of course them, they’ve got to put their nose in everything, published a story claiming that Woods had an extra-marital affair with New York City nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel, a claim she denied, of course. Two days later, at 2:30 in the morning, however, on November 27th, Woods left home in his Cadillac Escalade SUV, of course. Nice choice there, Tiger. Nice vehicle. Nice, smooth ride. And while still on his street, collided with a fire hydrant, a tree and several hedges. I wonder why. He was treated for minor facial lacerations and received a ticket for careless driving.


Following intense media speculation about the incident, Woods released a statement on his website taking sole responsibility for the incident, calling it a private matter, and crediting his wife for helping him from the car.


Woods announced that he would not be appearing in his own charity celebrity golf tournament, the Chevron World Challenge, nor any tournaments in 2009, due to his injuries. He decided to step out. I know that. For a while, and he’s taking a while to come back up. I tell you what, it took him a while to get back up where he was.


On December 2nd, following the release of US Weekly for a voice mail message allegedly left by Tiger for a mistress, Woods released another statement in which he admitted “transgressions,” in parentheses, by the way, and apologized to all those who supported him over the years, while reiterating him and his family’s right to privacy.


Over the next few days, more than a dozen women claimed in various media outlets to have had affairs with Woods. Well good job buddy, good job. Keep that thing in your pants, bro. Stay on the golf course. Win those tournaments, win that money and stay low. That’s what I would have done, but of course, that’s over now.


On December 11th, he released his third statement, admitting to infidelity and apologizing again, as well as announcing that he would be taking an indefinite break from the professional golf game. In the days and months following Woods’ admission of infidelity, several companies reevaluated their relationship with him, Accenture, AT&T, Gatorade, General Motors, completely ended their sponsorship while Gillette suspended advertising featuring Woods.


Tag Heuer dropped Woods from advertising in 2009 and officially ended their deal with his contract in 2011. The magazine, Golf Digest, suspended Woods’s monthly column beginning in the February 2010 issue. In contrast, Nike continued to support Woods, as Electronic Arts, which was working with Tiger Woods on the game Tiger 7 PGA Tour Online.


A December 2009 study estimated that the shareholder loss cost Woods, it varies between $5 billion and $12 billion, just to have sex with some women. And this is, apparently, according to studies shown now, that’s a legit thing now. It’s a true disorder. Sex addiction is a legitimate mental disorder, supposedly, that can ruin careers, destroy relationships, and cause health problems, say psychologists. Because researchers say out of control sexual behavior can ruin lives, but psychiatrists have been reluctant to accept this genuine disorder until now.


Of course, a team of University of California Los Angeles has devised a set of criteria to define hyper sexual disorder as a new mental health condition. I don’t know about all that. Man, I don’t know. I mean, I, that’s what they say about the guy from X-Files as well, David Duchovny. Maybe it is. Who am I, I’m just a show host, you know? I don’t know. I’m happy to get sex, let alone to say I’m addicted to something like that. But that’s an expensive addiction. I tell you what, I understand these other drugs, these heavy drugs that people are doing and dying from. They’re expensive. But when you’re saying $5 billion, that’s an expensive addiction, just to have sex with random people instead of just being committed to your wife.


Once you, when he was involved in that car accident through, where he got, went to the ER and got these several facial lacerations, as I reported a little bit ago, police documents say that the wife did break the car window with a golf club. I guess that’s what he deserves, gets a taste of his own medicine. You know? Now you know what a Titleist Golf Ball feels like when you decide to cheat on your wife when it goes through your windshield and you have to come up with all these lies, and all that money, just for the endorsements alone. That’s not including the amount of money that he had to pay, obviously. That’s crazy.


And now the new person that he’s taking, this Lindsey Vaughn, she did a pre-nup saying “You have to pay me $20 million every single time you cheat on me, bro. I’m not going out like a chump,” basically is what she’s saying. “I’m not letting you just walk away. You’re paying me $20 million there old buddy, old pal. You cheat on me, pay up. Pay up, my friend, pay up.”


But now, his ex though, who finalized the divorce in 2010 after six years of marriage. Nordegren walked away with joint custody of their two children, and a reported $110 million. Not too bad there ex-Mrs. Woods. You did pretty good there. Not only did you get to take our your aggression on his car, his Cadillac, and put that number what, number nine wedge, or whatever that was through the windshield, and probably dented all kinds of stuff they didn’t report, but you walked away with $110 million and you’re going to get custody for your two children. That’s good stuff.


Of course, now she plunked down $12.2 million of her $110 million settlement for a 17,178 square foot beachfront property. That is a gigantic house. 17,178 square foot beachfront property in North Palm Beach, just ten miles from Tiger’s new pad in Jupiter, Florida.


According to Palm Beach County records, Nordegren bought the two story mansion, which boasts eight bathrooms and a 4,700 square foot basement, in February, through one of her divorce lawyers, Dennis Belcher.


In October, the Swedish former model toured a $5 million penthouse apartment in Jupiter Island, which Tiger Woods new home is being built. Last week, Woods announced that he’d be moving to a 12-acre, $50 million bachelor pad soon, which includes a 6,400 square foot gym/media room/bar/everything, an elevator, a reflecting pond, a [land] pool, and a 3.45 acre practice facility, of course. You’ve got to have a practice facility to be rich and be successful.


The practice facility does feature four greens, six bunkers, and several different depths and kinds of sand, a video center, and a putting studio, of course. But this person, let’s see. Where was this at? I was also looking, but she’s doing pretty good. I have to say, Mrs. Woods. I hope Tiger learned his lesson. I’d say, who waits for 5 billion of his endorsements, and then on top of that, his $110 million he has to pay you and not, and that’s just settlement, not including his, I’m pretty sure, his child support he has to pay?


So that was Celebrity Divorce for this evening. Hopefully you young athletes out there if you’re listening you have a good career, then you think twice, not only before you get married, but if you get married, let’s think twice before you decide just to have sexual intercourse with anybody, because it’s going to cost you a lot of money.


So, I’ll see you next time on Celebrity Divorce Gore radio.





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