Michael Jordan-The more money you have, the more expensive your divorce can be


Known as the best basketball player to have ever played, and one of the top athletes as well…On this show

you will learn not only of his successes which made him millions, but also how he made the top list of most money spent in his major divorce settlement. 



At first the birds are chirping, the dogs are barking, white picket fences, brand new Lamborghinis, beach front properties, love is in the air. But then comes lies, greed, and cheating. Which turns a beautiful marriage into ugly, bloody, and expensive.


We know that not all marriages have a happy ending, especially those of the rich and famous, athletes and celebrities. That’s why we bring you celebrity divorce gore, filling you in on all the divorces of the celebrities. Welcome to Celebrity Divorce Gore.


Welcome to Celebrity Divorce Gore, I’m your host, Jeff Carter. And tonight’s episode is about somebody that’s very important to most of the world. He’s been an inspiration to all athletes of all sports, especially in this sport alone. When you think about somebody, you know, and at first you might think music or you might think, you know, movies, acting, and whatnot. Well, you’ve got to think about sports as well. Because when there’s one person when you think when you think and you want to be in a sport of whatever and you’re like, “I want to be like this person, I want to be this person. I want to be better than this person. I want to have this guy’s shoes.” There’s only one person ever that has had that title, still holds that title and still people lately have been saying that other players are just as good or maybe better. There’s no way. This guy has broken all…all the possible goals and expectations you can imagine. Records. Done it all. College and NBA level. “Who is this?” you say. “Who is this?” you say, “Jeff, who is this?” I don’t know, I don’t know.


Sports Announcer A: [inaudible 00:02:03] Jordan. Michael, in from the left side. Damn it, right over [Rawlings].


Sports Announcer B: There’s Michael in the foul line. A shot on [inaudible 00:02:09]. Go!


[fans cheering]


That’s right. The greatest NBA player of all time, Michael Jordan. How can’t you say Michael Jordan’s the best player of all time? Look at all he’s done. I’ve been watching him since I was a little kid he was somebody that I was glad I had the chance to watch when I was growing up. And there’s some great players now, don’t get me wrong, with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James and all them. And some other ones, like Kevin Durant, some great players that have played these days. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and many, many more. However none, not one player has even come close to Michael Jordan. Nobody has. How could you even put yourself in the same bracket if you’re LeBron James? Because when you look at Michael Jordan. That guy was in a movie with Bugs Bunny and Tasmanian Devil. I don’t care what you say, that’s cool. Nobody is the same as Tasmanian Devil and Yosemite Sam and all these other guys that Michael Jordan got to have a movie with, I’m just saying. He’s a cool guy to me, you got to be pretty cool to be able to do that.


This guy has been endorsed by everybody. Everybody, pretty much. Nike, Gatorade, his own cologne company. MCI Worldcom, Railvek, Hanes underwear. Guy looks good in underwear. I’m not gay, he looks good in underwear he knows what to do. Who else we got? Ballpark hot dogs. Wheaties Cereal, Wilson sporting Equipment, Oakley Sunglasses, AMF Bowling. He even has bowling on lockdown. Bowling. Michael Jordan. He’s done basketball and baseball. And they got him in bowling already sponsored. CBS Sportsline, Chevrolet of Chicago land area. McDonald’s. Obviously a big one. I remember when I was a kid collecting all those little cups from both Space Jam and also from the Olympics. NBA Entertainment obviously. Michael Jordan restaurant he has in Chicago, upper deck sporting cards, Coach Leather Products, Warner Brothers, obviously, because of Space Jam. He is sponsored by everybody. That man makes some serious dough right there. Holy Moses.


Let me tell you about Jordan, what he’s accomplished real quick that you might not even know. He was nominated Naismith Memorial Baseball Hall of Fame, class of 2009. Six time NBA Championship ’91, ’93, ’96 to ’98, all with Chicago Bulls. Six NBA finals appearances and all six he won. Five time NBA most valuable player. Ten time scoring champion, three time steals leader, three time minutes leader, fourteen time NBA all-star, three time NBA all-star game MVP, six time NBA finals most valuable player, one time NBA defensive player of the year, eleven time all-NBA selection, nine time all-defensive selection, NBA all rookies selection, NBA rookie of the year in 1985, two time NBS slam dunk contest winner, that’s ’87 and ’88, seven time Sporting News most valuable player of the year, The Sporting News rookie of the year, Sport’s Illustrated sportsman of the year, ranked number one by slam magazine’s top fifty players of all time, ranked number one by ESPN Sports Center’s top north American athletes of the 20th century. Selected in 96 as one of the fifty greatest players in NBA history, selected in ’96 as member of the top ten teams in NBA history. What else we have… he was a two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner, Pan-American Games gold medal, three times USA Basketball male athlete of the year. And that’s just normal stuff.


Let’s talk about his college. NCAA National Championship, University of North Carolina. Three-time Atlantic Coast Conference regular Season champion, 1982 ACC Tournament Champion ACC rookie of the Years. Dean Smith Center college player of the year. John Wooden Award. Adolf Rupp Trophy. ACC Athlete of the Year. He has just got about every award that you can imagine and has broken almost every record. That guy is phenomenal.


And the one thing that comes with fame and fortune and talent is, well yeah, marriage. But what happens is, what a good looking sports player, cheats on his wife with a fan? Or with a cheerleader? No! That wouldn’t happen in our United States or our world, would it? No way! Well, supposedly, because he’s never been officially caught on tape or officially caught. They do have pictures of him in hotel rooms with snuggled up to pretty women that are fans and people that have worked in different areas. But yeah, you know, who knows what really went on, you know what I’m saying? Alright, anyway. Here’s some, 11 things about his wife. I’ve never heard of her myself doesn’t mean anything I don’t know everything unfortunately I don’t, I wish I did. Juanita Vanoy was her name and they met at a restaurant. They met at a restaurant over in Chicago. I’m looking for the name, I don’t see it right of the top of the head but once I find it, I will tell you, I will keep you informed. No, it was not White Castle. I’m sorry to let you own. Michael Jordan’s first wife was raised in Southside Chicago. She was married to Jordan on September 8, 1989. They reportedly first met in a restaurant in Chicago in the 1980’s. Reports are that Jordan was 26 at the time and she was 30. They share two sons, Jeffrey Michael and Marcus James, and one daughter, Jasmine. She and Jordan were married 17 years. She filed for divorce from Jordan in 2022 citing irreconcilable differences but later withdrew the filing.


In December 2006 Vanoy’s lawyer announced that she and Jordan have mutually decided to separate. Reports were that they lived separately since February of that year. Jordan ended up owing her a reported $168 million and this is why he has made it onto Four Score. Not it was super ugly and there was no, like exact proof that he was cheating. Like I said, what good-looking athlete would cheat on their wife when they’re away, nobody right? But she got 168 million and at that time it was the highest divorce settlement in celebrity, in sports. She’s reportedly a former model and former executive secretary of the American Bar Association. She has been co-founder, a Chairman of the Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan endowment fund. She has also dabbled in some real estate.


So of course with him being married and divorces he’s not going to stay single for that long. No way, he’s too busy to play around and play the field too much, so of course he’s going to get tied down. But this time, though, he’s not dumb. Because obviously the first time, $168 million out of the $600 million that he had at that time. No, not this time. He might have made that mistake once but Michael Jordan has proven that he’s not going to make that mistake again. Nope, he’s standing up, get up standing up for his rights. The basketball superstar reportedly made his fiancée and wife, soon to be anyway at the time Yvette Perlito, I don’t know exactly how to pronounce that, she signed a prenuptial agreement. In 2006 when Michael Jordan divorced his first wife Juanita there was no prenuptial agreement in place. When the pair divorced it was at the time the largest divorce settlement in celebrity history. Juanita walked away from the marriage, not only with custody of the couple’s three kids, obviously that’s child support, and their shared Chicago mansion, which is ginormous, and a whopping $168 million, like I said.


This time is a little different. Michael Jordan’s like, I don’t think so, nope, I love my green way too much. Michael Jordan definitely didn’t see it coming last time around but he definitely didn’t think he needed a pre-nup. And this marriage to Juanita lasted 17 years. He didn’t think the two were ever going to divorce. Duh, nobody ever plans on it, like oh I’m about to say “I Do. I don’t know, probably in ten years we’re probably going to split up.” No you don’t think that, of course not. I guess you have to when you’re a professional athlete making beau coups bucks like that. Not only was his first wife entitled to half of everything at a 168 million dollars. She ended up being a third of Michael Jordan’s fortune but getting full custody of the three kids, that was a big kicker. Michael reportedly decided that he wasn’t going to take that risk again. He made sure that prenuptial agreement this time would not cause an issue. So in this prenuptial agreement now, with Yvette, the prenuptial agreement with the new bride, was to protect the basketball star’s $650 million fortune. Michael Jordan and his 33-year-old bride to be reportedly, they got married April 27th. According to sources close to the couple, Yvette is OK with the pre-nup because she doesn’t think there is any way she and Michel Jordan will ever split. Of course not, of course, not going to say that. If they do split, however, Yvette will get $1 million per year that Michael and her were married. If the couple stay together for ten years or more then guess what, she will then receive five million for each year that couple were married. So that’s cool, might as well stick around for a little while.


The last time Michael was married didn’t end well. Reports are that Yvette and Michael were confident that things will be different this time around. Michael has learned to protect his assets well, and won’t have to worry about Yvette cleaning his bank account or should anything bad go wrong in the marriage, they won’t just go there and be broke.


Let’s fast-forward backwards, rewind a little bit. In 2002, like I told you, I know he’s a perfect guy and he can dunk from 65 feet away, and he hangs out with people like Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam on the weekends. There was one lady, I want to say Knafel or Nafel…that’s K-N-A-F-E-L filed a $5 million lawsuit against Mr. Michael Jordan, that’s right, saying that he promised to pay her hush money about the affair that she was having with him. Knafel also filed a paternity test. Knafel and Jordan fought it out in court. December 2002 however, though, Jordan won the court decision because he claimed that Knafel was just trying to extort money from him. DNA test results proved Jordan was not the father. And there goes that, so I guess not. All the proof is gone. There’s no proof that he did or did not cheat on his wife, at that time, Juanita. So you never know there.


So since then, Michael Jordan did decide to marry Yvette. At the time, he was 50 years old and she was 34. Said “I do” at Episcopal Church of Bethesda by the sea and then headed to a lavish reception coordinated by star wedding planner Sharon Sacks. I don’t know who that is, I’m sure everybody else does. I got to learn all this stuff, especially if I’m doing celebrity shows, right? In a large tent at Bears Club in Jupiter Florida. He had a couple big people. Over 300 people attended Michael Jordan and Perlito’s big day, including Tiger Woods, Scotty Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Spike Lee, and of course Robin Thicke, Usher, and a couple other huge people were there. The cost of the wedding alone was only $10 million. That’s pocket change to that guy. You say pocket change, how is that pocket change?


Well let me tell you what they have figured out as of 2006. Let me tell you, this is a website of 2006. Jordan made $300,000 a game. 10,000 a minute, assuming he averages about 30 minutes a game. Assuming $40 million in endorsement last year he will make in the 178,000 a day, just from that, working or not. If he just wakes up he’s making $178,000 a year. That was in 2006. If he went to go see Independence Day the movie, it would cost him 7 bucks to go watch that movie. But he’ll make $18,000 while he watches the movie. $18,550 while watching that movie. If he decides to have a five-minute egg. To make an egg, you whip a little hard boiled up or whatever, over easy, he makes 618 bucks. You know how long it takes to whip up egg? Not long. He makes $7,415 an hour more than minimum wage after the wage hike. He’ll make $3710 after watching each episode of Friends in 2006. If he wanted to save up for a new Accura NXX which is $90,000 it would take him a whole 12 days. That was then, that was then. If someone were to hand him the salary and endorsement money would have to do it at the rate of $2.00 every second.


Even a quickie, you know just to be a little R-rated there or NC 17. A quickie he would make $1,800 just to have a quick sex session. I’m just saying. He probably pay around $200 for a nice round of golf, but he’ll be reimbursed $33,309 for that round, that’s how much he’ll make. He could make 1/100,00th of his income and buy some poor college student a 5200 package of Ramen. That’s a lot of Ramen. Assuming he puts the Federal Maximum of 15% of his income to tax deferred account and 401K, he will hit the Federal cap $9,500, for such accounts at 8:30 a.m. on January 1, 1997. If you were given a 10th of a penny of every dollar he made, you would be living comfortably at 65,000 a year. A tenth of every penny he makes, 65,000 a year. He’ll make about $19.60 if he watches the 100-meter of the Olympics. 15,600 while watching the Boston Marathon. While the common person is spending about $20 for a meal at his trendy Chicago restaurant, while you’re doing that, he’s pulling $5600 just in that meal time.


Next year, well he would have made twice as much as our past presidents for the terms combined. And something to cheer up you after all this, Jordan will have to have 270 more years to have to have a net worth equivalent to that of Bill Gates. Now isn’t that crazy? That makes you sick doesn’t it? So he’s got a little long way before that. Well, I wonder what his ex-wife’s Juanita’s doing will at that money. I haven’t really found her. I Googled her, there’s much going on with her, really. She’s probably just going to be chilling for the rest of her life. I know his kids are pretty much all grown up. One of them is trying to make the NBA not too long from now but wow, if he didn’t learn his lesson. That’s for sure. 168 million. Married 17 years, you know. I wouldn’t mind finding a girl, marrying her for 17 years of my life, live a decent life, and then making 168 million at the end of the day. That’s pretty decent. SO this is why he was selected of my Celebrity Divorce Gore. Because he had to give $168 million. At that time he had 600 million was his asset, which is ridiculous, because now he on average makes 30 million a year. So just handing out, endorsement, wearing undie pants and using batteries and whatnot, getting a couple milkshakes every once in a while from McDonald’s. He’s making all that money on all those endorsements. Thank you for listening. Tune in next time to Celebrity Divorce Gore.



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