Tom C and Katie -The controversial divorce involving fame, money, and religion

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TomKat- Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The controversial divorce involving fame, money, and religion – This is another dynamic episode of Divorce Gore where we discuss the highly talented and overly attractive Katie Holmes and stud actor Tom Cruise. Acting, Money, their daughter, and his religion can all be summed up in this episode—find out all the juicy info. Enjoy!

At first the birds were chirping, the dogs were barking. White picket fences, brand new Lambourghini’s, beach front properties. Love is in the air. But then comes lies, greed and cheating. Which turns a beautiful marriage into ugly, bloody and expensive. We know that not all marriages have a happy ending, especially those of the rich and famous, athletes and celebrities. That’s why we bring you Celebrity Divorce Gore, filling you in on all the divorces of the celebrities. Welcome to Celebrity Divorce Gore.


Welcome to Celebrity Divorce Gore, I’m your host, Geoff Carter. Tonight I’m talking about two major celebrities. A beautiful actress, along with a star-studded and well known actor, of course. There’s always good looks somewhere in the mix, I would say, on these celebrity things. The two I’m going to talk about, we’re going to start with a beautiful female who started her main career with Dawson’s Creek. Hm, as you put your finger to your head. Who is this? She was also in Batman Begins, the beautiful Katie Holmes.


Of course, who was she married to? Well she married to the widely talented and also always in the news for his crazy religion, but we’re not going to talk about his religion, Tom Cruise. Well, I take that back, we have to talk a little bit about his religion, because that’s mainly why this whole thing happened, but we’ll get into all that. We have to talk about different people.


To give you a little background on Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes is from Toledo, Ohio. Yes, Ohio-bred female, she is. Born in 1978, she’s, did really, really well. Started in ‘98 on Dawson’s Creek, pretty much, with Batman Begins, the Ice Storm, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and How I Met Your Mother and a couple other ones. Abandoned. Katie is the youngest of five children. Her mom is a philanthropist and her dad, thankfully, to go along with our little divorce talk show here, is an attorney. They wanted her to be a doctor, but we’ll get to that in a second. She is the youngest of five children. She has three sisters, one brother. She went to all female Notre Dame Academy. She was a 4.0 student, of course, beautiful and bright. She used to perform at St. John’s Jesuit, which is an all male school. She would do like high school plays and everything. She was a waitress in Hello Dolly and also Lola in Damn Yankees. She scored 1310 out of 1600 on her SATs. Beautiful and smart. Those are the ones you want to tie down.


She was accepted into Columbia University. Her father did want her to become a doctor, like I said. At the age of 14 she began classes at modeling school in Toledo, Ohio ran by Margeret O’Brien, who took her took her to International Modeling and Talent Association, which is also known as MTA. It was a competition held in New York City in 1996. eventually Holmes was signed to an agent after performing a monologue from To Kill A Mockingbird. So, and then it goes into Dawson’s Creek, which obviously, I remember that, of course, I was raised up in the 90’s. I love 90’s shows. That was one of the really nice ones. That and 90210. But we’re not going to talk about all those people right now. I’m sure in the future we will have a show about one of those guys, I’m sure.


The beautiful Katie was named Annalee [SP] since 1999 from the British and American editions of FHM, which, you know, if people out there don’t know, it’s like the male version if Seventeen Magazine, we just love FHM. We learned so much from those magazines. A lot of pictures, but we learned a lot. She’s one of the sexiest women in the world from 1999 forward, like I said. That’s 14 years, if I carry the one and minus the, yeah. 14 years of being the sexiest woman in the world. That’s nice. I’d like to be one of the sexiest men in my apartment complex, let alone of the sexiest women in the world. I mean, not that I’m a woman, but either way. I don’t know. I’ll take the sexiest, or best dressed, in my apartment complex.


But, OK, anywho, back to Katie Holmes. We’re not going to talk about me. She was named one of People’s 50’s Most Beautiful People in 2003. And Teen People also declared her one of the 25 Hottest Starts under 21 that year. And in 2005 People said she was one of the top ten dressed stars that year. Oh, beautiful, smart and knows how to dress. That’s my type of girl. If anyone knows her personally on their Facebook or something, tell her Mr. Carter, I got you on a date. I mean, it might be like Popeye’s or a local restaurant or something, but I got you, Katie. We can go.


She has appeared in advertisements for Garnier Lumia hair color, Coach leather goods, of course, clothing retailer The Gap. Ya know, another well known thing. She has her own clothing line, called Holmes and  Yang, with long time stylist Ginny Yang. Heidi Klum is a fan of the line. In 2009, Holmes announced the launch of a dance scholarship fund called the Dizzy Feet Foundation. She became the new face of Anne Taylor, spring 2011 collection. April 2011 she ranked 6th in People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful issue. Holmes and Yang presented their fashion line in New York fashion week for the first time in 2012, September. Holmes also acted as the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics this spring, 2013, as well as a campaign for Iris jewelry.


She dated co-star Joshua Jackson from Dawson’s Creek for a while, earlier in the show’s run of course. Holmes met actor Chris Klein in 2000, but Klein and Holmes were engaged in late 2003, but early 2005, she and Klein ended their relationship. With their breaking up as amicable as it could be Klein and Holmes have remained friends of varying degrees since the breakup and some unfounded rumors also had their romance being rekindled in the wake of the amazing divorce that we’re going to talk about today.


Right now we’re going to talk about Mr. Cruise. But of course, they were denied by both Mr. Klein and Ms. Holmes. You know how the paparazzi and everything is. But that’s kind of what I am, I’m doing my research and finding out all of these creepy things about them. Holmes gave birth to their first child, her first child, anyway. A daughter named Suri. That’s a Persian name. The Los Angeles Times summarized a written statement Cruise released on the birth, saying the name is a word with origins in both Persian and Hebrew. In Persian it means “red rose’ and in Hebrew it means “princess.” Aww. It was claimed in the release that Hebrew linguists had disputed their definitions, claiming that they are incorrect. Oh. It’s like those people that go to tattoo shops to get a Chinese symbol saying it means pride and it means Mommy’s foot or something weird, or cockroach of the sea or something like that. See, you got to be careful with those things, you better do your research.


Anyway. I think it’s fair to say that they have made a mistake here. There are variations of the way the Hebrew name for princess is spelled, but they’ve never seen it this way. Oh, no. That’s not good. The first photographs of Suri appeared in the October 2006 issue of Vanity Fair, shot by Annie Leibowitz, and became the publication’s second best selling issue of all time, more than 700,000 copies because of Tom and beautiful Katie Holme’s baby. Of course, I keep saying beautiful Katie Holmes because I’m highly attracted to her and her beautiful dark brunette hair.


She’s beautiful, of course. But Tom, come on. What female, my mom and every other female in the world has thought of him being a beautiful male. He is, he’s a great looking guy. I’ll admit it. I’m a straight guy and I’ll admit it. He is a good looking guy. He’s got a great smile, great teeth, and he’s a really good actor. I meant there’s a bunch of movies I like by him, and he goes way back. I mean, if you want to talk about movies, he started back when I was a negative one years old. That’s right, I was born in 1982, he starred in Taps. And I did a little research on him, actually I did a lot of research on him, both of them, and what he did was, he was going for another role, they had him for another role and he just did so well that the producer of that said “No, no. We’re going to bring you out. We’re going to bring you in for sure.” So they brought him up to a better spot. He was more of a starring role, so, very good for him. Stars George C. Scott in that movie, of course. Wow, very good, very good movie. Taps.


OK, anyway. He was in the Outsiders, whoever remembers the Outsiders? Risky Business, big movie, of course. Top Gun, which has probably got to be his number one movie. I say that, but then I keep going up the list I see more of amazing movies he was in. He’s been in so many good movies. He was in Top Gun, he was in the movie Cocktail, he was in Days of Thunder, racing movie of course, he was also in A Few Good Men, awesome move. You know, “You can’t handle the truth’, but he didn’t say that, of course, Jack Nicholson did. Mission Impossible, which they’re also talking about bringing out the 5th one now. Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, Vanilla Sky, that was a weird movie for me, but whatever, it’s a good movie. Back-flashing, and it’s hard for me to follow. I don’t know. ADHD, I guess. Minority Report, Last Samurai, Collateral, War of the Worlds. I mean, these are all huge, Valkeryie. Rock of Ages came out not too long ago. Jack Reacher, which I haven’t seen and I want to check that out. Oblivion, which also got really good stuff, and looks like he’s got Edge of Tomorrow, Van Helsing and Mission Impossible 5, like I said, that are coming out.


So Tom Cruise. One thing, I was watching a video on him, there’s, no matter what happens with his movies. If it flops or whatever, he still makes 200 million profit. If he makes a horrible movie, he still makes $200 million. Like, not him, but the movie profit on them is still so high because of how big that name is. He’s something else. And I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos on him, and I tell you, he’s a cocky son of a gun right there. He really is, but when you have succeeded so well and made that much money and do everything you’ve got going on. And the main thing that focuses, when people thing Tom Cruise, oh, I don’t know if I like him because of this or whatever, it’s mainly because of Scientology, and it’s, I’ve been trying to learn more about it. I watched an hour and a half long video the other day on it, and it’s a lot of stuff that just seems a little off. But I’m not here to, like I said, I’m not here to bash the religion and whoever believes in it, that’s on you and that’s fine, but from watching it, it seems like there’s  lot of reporters trying to find out more and they had tails, like people were tailing them around town and they were spying on them and it was just a real different situation.


And at first, apparently, Katie, I mean, she obviously knew about it, because he’s been in it for… what? I think it was 25, 30 years, or it might be 20 years now. I think it is 20 years, sorry, I’ve got so much up here on the computer already. It was like 20 years that they, that he has believed and been in that and obviously it’s done him success and he really believes in that thing, but the thing about Scientology is, from what it seems they look at everybody as an adult. It doesn’t matter if you’re three months old or you’re112 years old, you’re seen as an adult and so they kind of start expecting you to do things as an adult. And that’s one thing that Katie Holmes was not really trying to feel out, was the fact that, you know what, I’m not trying to have you have my daughter at six years old, start doing certain things, like treated like an adult, and she just wasn’t, she’s not feeling that now. Like she’s just, I don’t know. That just doesn’t look like what she wants to have for her daughter’s upbringing, which I could understand, that, you know. It makes sense. That whole thing, it’s just kind of crazy from what I’ve learned. But I’m not going to keep talking about Scientology, of course.


Tom Cruise was, I mean, he was in the high $400 million dollar range, of course, like things like this divorce, which cost a little bit of money, I’m sure. Right now, he’s estimated worth of around, I don’t know, $270 million. I’m happy when I have $270 in my pocket. When I think that, I’m like, man you know how many McDoubles that is from McDonalds? That’s like 250, I mean, you got to figure in tax and stuff. 250 million McDoubles. I can make a house out of McDoubles. Tom Cruise made a strong impression in the teen comedy Risky Business in 1983. I was two then, by the way, walking around coloring things. And then he had his first box office smash as the fighter Jock Maverick in Top Gun, of course that was 1986, I was 4. His cocky grin was propelled higher onto Hollywood’s A list, thanks to a string of successful movies. Cruise began dating actress Katie Holmes in 2005. Dubbed TomKat. That’s, isn’t that nice, TomKat?  By the tabloids. They had a daughter, Suri, of course, that was 2006. And they were married in Italy, Italy on the 18th of November in 2006. Cruise was a prominent member of the Church of Scientology. On June 29th 2012, after five years of marriage, Cruise announced the divorce. According to TMZ, Katie was asking for a suitable amount of child support. Katie also asked for a division of property in her divorce documents, although the couple signed a pre-nup that is based in California law.


Wow, so I’m looking at different movies here. Mission Impossible 2  in 2000 make $20 million on that movie. I watched that. $20 million. The original made $70 million. Let’s look at the low ones. Taps, he made 50 grand. Imagine that. I mean, for one, I know it’s hectic stuff when you’re doing these movies and everything, but $50,000 for your first movie. Then he moves up $25,000, $75,000 for Risky Business, bumps of to $500,000 in Legend. $2 million in Top Gun. Only $1 million, The Color of Money. Then Cocktail was $3 million. Rainman was $3 million. I mean some of these, Rainman. What a great movie! Ah, god, I love the 90’s. Oh. 90’s baby, all day. Well, I’m an 80’s baby, but I was growing up in the 90’s. You know what I mean.


Anyway, to go back to this divorce. It turns out that they were pretty much, like the two movies that he just did around the time of his divorce were Jack Reacher and Oblivion. Together, those two movies have grossed nearly $500 million worldwide. It’s no wonder that, industry-wise, Cruise is still considered one of the most bankable guys on the planet, with only a rating of about 97. Personal income, like I told you, a lot of money. Forbes has his current  year to year earnings at $35 million. Not too shabby, I would say. No. No. I don’t make anywhere close to that.


But, much of Cruise’s box office is happening overseas, but so what? Money is money. Darn right. Absolutely right. And speaking of money, Holmes has some too. Not so much, not as much as Cruise, of course not. I mean, she has some big movies, and I like her in those roles, but not like major roles like him. She’s, let’s see. Days and Nights, she’s got that coming out, and a couple other movies, but not as much as his $270 million. But probably, what is taking her seriously as an actress, I hope so, that’s my old man, takes me serious, cause a car accident for sure. So perhaps more significantly, Holmes has been the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics for months, and the arrangement that may be more than your typical art house movie gig. Women’s Wear Daily estimates that she’s making anywhere between $2 million and $3 million for a multi-year deal for that. And let’s remember, as long as Cruise is doing well, Holmes is doing well, at least in one department.


Whatever divorce settlement they reached, she gets a piece of stardom, even if just in child support. Which is very true, family Law Attorney Steve Mandell tells. Although the full financial details of the divorce were never publicly disclosed, Holmes reportedly collects about $400,000 annually from her ex in child support alone. Thank you, Tom. “Show me the money,” she says. “Show me the money!” Like in Jerry MacGuire. Because that’s a lot of dough right there. $400,000 in child support? I know people that get mad about paying four or $500 a month. And you’re talking about 400,000 just in child support alone to support their seven-year-old daughter, Suri. Isn’t that Rose, again? We don’t know that for sure.


Those payments will continue until Suri turns 18, and ultimately about $4.8 million in child support alone. But they never released how much money. Now I’m a failure to you guys. We want to talk about what is going on. Why can’t I get that number? Well anyway, I don’t know. They, it’s crazy. We’re trying to find everything out about them and stuff, but…


So that’s the whole thing. She’s got a real high end lawyer right now, still going to have that. They have a big concern about protecting Suri and, of course, him too. It’s weird. I don’t know. I wish I could tell more and talk more about this Scientology thing, but I don’t want to offend anyone out there that really does believe in it. But the whole thing is real weird, on how it’s going. She was a supporter of it the entire time until now. She just finally said, “You know what? This is it.” So, thanks to you, Tom. Ms. beautiful Katie Holmes is going to get back with Chris Klein or somebody else and you’re going to pay for everything. $400,000 a year, just off child support. So while she’s making her money on $3 million, or between $2 and $3 million dollars on other stuff she does, like, you know, doing the beauty and cosmetic line, she’s making that a year just on that. Not to mention other shows she’s going to be in, other movies she’s going to be in, other endorsements she’s going to be in, or you know, a part of or whatever.


Because of you Tom, and your Mission Impossible, talented, jumping on trains and stuff and Rainman, gambling with your brother who can just see everything and know all these, predict numbers. You’re predicting $4.8 million for child support. That’s a long time, my friend. $400,000 a year. But to him, that’s chump change. That’s $270 million that he’s worth right now. Imagine what it’s going to be like when he comes out with another blockbuster, which is, I mean, inevitable. It happens every year, or every other year. He’s, there’s never a time, he’s just one of those star-studded actors that always comes out with an amazing movie, so I totally don’t see that happening. I don’t know, from watching all this stuff though, you know, my whole opinion of him has changed. He’s definitely very prideful about certain things, especially his religion, and I’m sure he’ll find somebody else. He’s been with other people, actresses and people before, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. And $400,000, he’s like “eh, here you go,” that’s chump change, I guess so.


Alright, well, there’s the whole story of Ms. Katie and Tom Cruise. Hopefully you learned a little bit about them and I can entertain you a little bit about their weird relationship and their divorce. Please take care.

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