Stars divorced many times- 5th times the charm?

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In this episode, Geoff has a co-host (Bob) in to discuss different celebrities who have been divorced multiple times! Be sure to listen!!

September 26, 2013

Announcer: At first the birds are chirping, the dogs are barking, white picket fences, brand new Lamborghinis, beachfront properties, love is in the air.


But then come lies, greed, and cheating, which turns a beautiful marriage into ugly, bloody, and expensive. We know that not all marriages have a happy ending, especially those of the rich and famous — athletes and celebrities. That’s why we bring you celebrity divorce gore, filling you in on all the divorces of the celebrities. Welcome to Celebrity Divorce Gore.


Jeff:     Welcome to Celebrity Divorce Gore; I’m your host Jeff Carter. To find out more about myself, go to; again, that’s


This time, you know how I normally do my shows, I normally have one person — well, sometimes two people because of the fact that some celebrities are obviously married, and other celebrities, who we’ll talk about that. But this time I have a good friend of mine, his name’s Bob.


Bob:    Hello.


Jeff:     How’re you doing Bob? You doing good?


Bob:    I’m doing great.


Jeff:     Outstanding. Now the reason why I have Bob as my co-host is because Bob knows just about every movie known to man.


Bob:    Just about.


Jeff:     Just about, and so this time he’s going to back me up just in case I need a little help, because instead of doing one person, I’m going to do multiple, and that’s because I’m going to name off people that have been married and divorced more than once — as a matter of fact, more than four times. Almost everybody on this list has been married four times or more.


Bob:    Wow!


Jeff:     Yeah. Which one do you want to start out by talking about?


Bob:    Let’s start at the top.


Jeff:     All right.


Bob:    I’ll take Geraldo.


Jeff:     It sounds like you’re picking somebody for a kickball team. I’ll take Geraldo, Geraldo Riviera.


Bob:    I’ve got Geraldo.


Jeff:     Yeah, he’s a good first base; we’re going to take Geraldo Riviera. Okay, so we’ll start out with Geraldo Riviera, and for you young people out there who don’t know who that is, he’s a talk show host, Geraldo Riviera, who is considering a Senate run in New Jersey as a Republican.


Bob:    Wow!


Jeff:     He has been married and divorced five times, which proves once again the only thing that really matters is when one runs for public office is what’s between the ears. You know what I’m saying? So the people that he was married to — none of these people look familiar to me, but maybe you know some. Erica Michelle Levy in 2003 to present, that’s who he was married to so obviously that’s not a divorce. So this is four then. C.C. Dyer from 1987 to 2000, 13 years, nice. We’ve got Sherryl Raymond and Edith Vonnegut, Linda Coblentz from 1965 to . . .  how old is that guy?


Bob:    I don’t know. I know he’s pretty much up there, but the one thing I do remember about Geraldo is he was the guy that opened up Al Capone’s vault and found absolutely nothing.


Jeff:     In real life?


Bob:    Yeah.


Jeff:     What are you talking about?


Bob:    He did a TV special; I believe it was on Fox. I can’t remember what year exactly, but I know it was a while back, but it was a big hyped up thing to do, and it was on national TV and he was going to open up Al Capone’s vault. Yeah.


Jeff:     This is why I brought you along. I had no idea. I’ve never heard of that. Al Capone.


Bob:    Yeah. You never heard of that?


Jeff:     No.


Bob:    That’s the thing I remember him for, for opening up Al Capone’s vault. He had it on TV and everybody was all ready to see what was in it, he opened it up and there was nothing in it.


Jeff:     See, I remember him for his nice mustache. I’m thinking I’ve got something because he just has nice mustache. Does he still have shows now, right?


Bob:    No, I think he’s like a co-anchor or something like that on CNN now, or something like that I want to say. I don’t think he has his own show per se, but I know he’s on TV still.


Jeff:     Do you ever watch it?


Bob:    Geraldo?


Jeff:     Yeah.


Bob:    I used to, yeah.


Jeff:     Is Geraldo kind of like, is it like Springer, because I can really remember.


Bob:    It was more like he was trying to be more like Oprah, so it wasn’t over the top like Springer. It was more celebrities and people’s problems talking like Oprah.


Jeff:     Okay. Obviously they didn’t pick up as much as Oprah.


Bob:    No. Nobody did.


Jeff:     Right. I love Oprah.


Bob:    Because he was in that whole era with Phil Donahue, Oprah, Geraldo Riviera.


Jeff:     Oh, yeah.


Bob:    That whole talk show war thing.


Jeff:     What’s the black guy’s name? Arsenio.


Bob:    Arsenio.


Jeff:     Arsenio Hall. And there’s another one.


Bob:    Montel.


Jeff:     Montel, but he’s still around, isn’t he?


Bob:    Right.


Jeff:     No, what’s the other girl, with the dark hair, dark black hair?


Bob:    On a talk show?


Jeff:     Yeah.


Bob:    Ricky Lake.


Jeff:     Ricky Lake. Yeah, see I remember all that. Anyway, on to the next person that we’re talking about for Celebrity Divorce Gore will have to be, I think one of the luckiest people in the world.


Bob:    Oh, yeah. This one you’re definitely jealous of.


Jeff:     Billy Bob Thornton, he’s been divorced five times. He has a thing for women. He likes to marry them. Having had the pleasure of meeting them twice a few years ago, he’s quite the charmer, in sweet, enduring, blissful ways. So it’s not any surprise that five women agreed to marry him, including one of the most famous women of all time, and the one we’re talking about is Angelina Jolie.


Bob:    Hm.


Jeff:     I guess that’s, “Oh yeah, her.”


Bob:    Right.


Jeff:     In sexual language. He’s a the bomb. I like Billy Bob. He plays a heroin addict in — well, a heroin addict/cop, well, he’s a cop in a movie Faster with Duane the Rock Johnson.


Bob:    Oh, really?


Jeff:     Yeah, he’s in charge.


Bob:    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one.


Jeff:     Yeah, it’s good. Really?


Bob:    Yeah.


Jeff:     Shoot. I think I left it at my girl’s house. Darn it. We’ll watch it later on. Well, whatever, anyway, what else is he in?


Bob:    Sling Blade. I like them deep fried taters.


Jeff:     Oh, wow! Okay, Sling Blade. And what else am I thinking of? Oh, what’s the little football movie, or is it baseball?


Bob:    I believe it was a football movie. But I can’t remember the name of it. Gosh! I’m drawing a blank.


Jeff:     I should maybe look him up.


Bob:    The one thing I do remember about Billy Bob Thornton though, when he was married to Angelina Jolie, they actually had a vial of each other’s blood around their neck that they wore.


Jeff:     You know, I heard about that.


Bob:    Yeah, I guess it was true, I mean. It sounds like an urban legend type of thing, but  . . .


Jeff:     But why?


Bob:    I have no idea. I guess to show how committed they were to each other. But then it wasn’t that big a deal when you consider they ended up divorced.


Jeff:     I was going to say that. That’s why we’re doing the show. Pietra Dawn Cherniak for four years, 1993 to 1997. Cynda Williams, Toni Lawrence. How about, I’ve heard of Martin Lawrence.


Bob:    Right.


Jeff:     Melissa Lee Gatlin.


Bob:    I’ve never heard of any of those other names either.


Jeff:     Angelina, though. Oh, she has nice lips, I mean elbows. Okay, the next one, well I remember eating in his restaurant; they have one in Rockford. Remember he has this . . . I don’t know if he still does, does he still have the chain?


Bob:    I think so.


Jeff:     Kenny Rogers Roasters.


Bob:    Yep.


Jeff:     Kenny Rogers; he’s been called the gambler — a nice pun on words — when it comes to taking a chance on marriage. Even though he has had five wives, he still is one of the nicest country artists most people have met. I don’t think I could be his wife, obviously I’m not his type, but I’d love to be his BFF if he needs one. Wanda Miller from 1997 to present; Marianne Gordon, Margo Anderson, Jean Rogers, Janice Gordon. I don’t know who these people are married to.


Bob:    Neither do I.


Jeff:     This is probably why they been married five or six times.


Bob:    Maybe that was part of the problem. Maybe you shouldn’t marry civilians when you’re a celebrity.


Jeff:     What would you do?


Bob:    Try to get with another celebrity, maybe.


Jeff:     Yeah?


Bob:    If I was one.


Jeff:     Who do you have in mind right now? If you could . . .


Bob:    Get with any celebrity?


Jeff:     Any celebrity.


Bob:    Oh, Sofia Vergara from the Modern Family.


Jeff:     Oh, she’s so annoying.


Bob:    Really?


Jeff:     I can’t stand her. Everyone tells me how beautiful she is, and she is pretty. But just the way she talks, I can’t do it.


Bob:    Yeah, I can see how, I mean, because like for me it’d be cute at first, but then it would probably get annoying after a while.


Jeff:     Yeah, kind of like Fran from . . .


Bob:    Fran Drescher?


Jeff:     Fran from the Nanny.


Bob:    Yeah, Fran Drescher.


Jeff:     Yeah.


Bob:    She’s that annoying to you?


Jeff:     That voice?


Bob:    Yeah.


Jeff:     You don’t think so?


Bob:    I never saw it, I mean, I never really thought that way, but I guess to some people she is.


Jeff:     Oh, wow! I’m going to have to play an episode of that on You Tube. Okay, on to the next person we’re going to talk about: Elizabeth Taylor. She’s been married eight times and divorced. Is she alive now?


Bob:    I don’t think so. I know back when Michael Jackson was still alive she was in pretty bad shape.


Jeff:     Oh, that’s right. She still has that — doesn’t she have a perfume and body powder.


Bob:    Yeah, Diamonds.


Jeff:     Diamonds, nice.


Bob:    My Mom wore that. That’s why I know that.


Jeff:     Diamonds, nice dude.


Bob:    My Mom wore that; that’s why I know that.


Jeff:     That’s cool. Eight times, that’s crazy. Richard Burton twice? She got married twice to one guy?


Bob:    Yeah.


Jeff:     You knew that?


Bob:    Did I know that? No.


Jeff:     Thanks. He can read the same screen I can. Larry Fortenski, John Warner, Richard Burton, Richard Burton. Okay, so she was married to him from 1964 to 1974, got divorced, and then got married in 1975. That makes no sense. Eddie Fisher, Mike Todd, Michael Wilding, Conrad Hilton, Jr.


Bob:    That’s kind of surprising that Elizabeth Taylor, for some reason, I assumed she was married to more famous men.


Jeff:     What was she in?


Bob:    Probably the most famous one was — now I can’t think of it — Scarlet, I don’t give a damn, oh, Gone With the Wind. I couldn’t remember like one of the greatest movies of all time.


Jeff:     Greatest?


Bob:    Well, not in my opinion. That’s just what the [inaudible 10:18] say.


Jeff:     Over Flubber? No way.


Bob:    Flubber. The Robin Williams one?


Jeff:     Yeah, I’m just joking. That’s a horrible movie. Okay, nice person. Another talk show host, both radio and television, we’re going to go with Larry King.


Bob:    “Los Angeles, hello!”


Jeff:     You sound just like him. I think, oh, I don’t know. I mean I’m not gay at all. I don’t sleep with dudes anymore, but no, just kidding. Eight wives?


Bob:    And he’s one of those guys, he likes them young, doesn’t he?


Jeff:     When you say “young” you mean like . . .


Bob:    Like 25 when he’s pushing eighty?


Jeff:     Yeah. I don’t know. Shawn Southwick.


Bob:    Shawn, oh, it sounds like a guy’s name.


Jeff:     Julia Alexander, Sharon Lepore, I guess, Alene Atkins. Wait, he was married . . .


Bob:    I guess he was married to her twice.


Jeff:     To the same person. Why do you do that? He was married to one person twice, too. I guess Alene Atkins. Am I saying it right? Atkins? 1967-1972 and before that, 1961-1963. I don’t know. I just assumed that there were two of them before that, 1961 to 1963. I don’t know. He’s married to a female now named Shawn, spelled like Shawn, spelled like a guy’s way, S-H-A-W-N. Larry King, how long’s he been in talk shows? Man, he’s been doing . . .


Bob:    He’s been in it a long time.


Jeff:     What’s he at, CNN?


Bob:    Yeah.


Jeff:     Yeah, he’s been around for a long, long time. Number four, Frank Sinatra.


Bob:    The Chairman.


Jeff:     Oh, no, only four people. The Chairman of the Board, one-fifth member of the infamous Rat Pack, married four times, only having children with his first wife, Nancy. One thing for certain, the most famous citizen to come out of New Jersey, Hoboken.


Bob:    Yeah, Hoboken.


Jeff:     He did things the only way he knew how. Barbara Marks, Mia Farrow, Ava Gardner, Nancy Sinatra. What do you have to say about Frank Sinatra? Do you like his music?


Bob:    I could listen to it, but I was never a big fan of it, like I didn’t seek it out. But I could listen to it.


Jeff:     Now he passed away, but Tony Bennett’s alive.


Bob:    Right.


Jeff:     I don’t know why I did that, but they’re both Italian, aren’t they, Tony Bennett?


Bob:    I think so.


Jeff:     Yeah. I didn’t really do my research on these people. I thought you would know all of this. All right, then the next one. Now, I don’t know if he was married eight times or what, because the way I typed up this thing, I don’t know, I did it all wrong. But, oh, four divorces, there you go. Martin Scorsese, is that how you say it?


Bob:    Martin Scorsese.


Jeff:     Scorsese.


Bob:    Right.


Jeff:     Right, and you were telling me all these movies he directed.


Bob:    Yeah, The Deer Hunter, Godfather, Godfather Part II.


Jeff:     Did he do a third one?


Bob:    I believe he did, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as good as the first and the second. So it’s not like anybody who’s talking about the Godfather kind of omits Part III, because of its badness.


Jeff:     Oh, like Indiana Jones, the . . .


Bob:    The Crystal Skull?


Jeff:     Yeah, kind of . . .


Bob:    Just like that.


Jeff:     Okay. So he made Goodfellas, too.


Bob:    Yeah, Goodfellas.


Jeff:     Super good.


Bob:    Probably my favorite Scorsese movie.


Jeff:     Oh, yeah. “Funny how, like funny like a clown?” I love it. Don’t spit your water all over the electrical equipment, Bob. Yeah, let’s see here. Four divorces over the years. He knows the ins and outs of the marriage license bureau, like a taxi driver knows the fastest route to the airport. His divorce attorney has certainly seen the color of his money over the years, isn’t rolling the dice in the casino of love anymore. He’s been married to Helen Morris since 1999.


Bob:    Interesting.


Jeff:     Do you see any vials of blood?


Bob:    I don’t think so.


Jeff:     Okay. The next person is Jerry Lee Lewis. This rockabilly star has seen more than his share of shaking going on when it comes to marriage. While he’s walked down the aisle with his bubble gum popping 13-year-old first cousin . . . What? Shut up? This most notable and shy piano rocking singer has been divorced six times. Goodness gracious, great balls, or great bills from court. Nice. Wow! Well, I wonder how old he was then.


Bob:    How old when?


Jeff:     Well, she was 13, and his cousin.


Bob:    Well, they had that movie, like only thing I remember from Jerry Lee Lewis was from the movie Great Balls of Fire.


Jeff:     I don’t understand.


Bob:    Well, it was basically his life story. He was played by Dennis Quaid. His 13-year-old first cousin was played by Winona Ryder, looking very hot for a 13-year-old. Although I don’t think she was 13 at the time.


Jeff:     We’re going to jail.


Bob:    We are. But yeah, he, at the time that they got married in that movie he must have been around twenty something, and back then the under age laws were a little more lenient, but even then they were still looking at 13 like being way too young.


Jeff:     That’s crazy. Well, I guess, I don’t know, I guess the biggest one for me is the fact that Larry King has been married ever, or more than . . . I don’t know, his voice, I don’t know. He’s not attractive at all. Elizabeth Taylor, I . . .


Bob:    But he’s got that big game.


Jeff:     He’s got that mouth piece.


Bob:    Right. Hey, you want to know about the weather?


Jeff:     Oh, let’s get married. So there you go. We’ve got Geraldo Rivera with five divorces, Billy Bob Thornton with five, Kenny Rogers with what’d I say, five, four?


Bob:    Five.


Jeff:     Yeah, five. Elizabeth Taylor with eight, Larry King with eight, Frank Sinatra with four, and four more for Martin Scorsese.


Bob:    Scorsese.


Jeff:     And Jerry Lee Lewis with, what was that, six.


Bob:    Six.


Jeff:     Well, there you have it. That was Celebrity Divorce Gore, and now you know all the people who have been married and divorced multiple times. I swear Jennifer Lopez should be in there, because she’s been married a bunch of times, wasn’t she?


Bob:    Yeah.


Jeff:     Or does she just get around, or I mean, date people?


Bob:    Yeah, maybe she just dates people. How long was she married to Ben Affleck?


Jeff:     Okay, Ben Affleck; then you’ve got P. Diddy; did they just date?


Bob:    Oh, that’s right, they weren’t married.


Jeff:     Were they married or dating?


Bob:    I believe they were married.


Jeff:     And the, oh, what’s his name, the one that sings, the Hispanic one? He’s like Cuban.


Bob:    Oh, Michael Anthony?


Jeff:     No.


Bob:    The little guy that she ended up marrying and that she’s still with now.


Jeff:     Oh maybe, but she was with the other guy, too.


Bob:    Mark Anthony. Is it Mark Anthony?


Jeff:     Was it that? No, I’m thinking of . . . gosh, who is it she’s with? Wasn’t it Enrique . . .? No. I can’t remember.


Bob:    I want to say Mark Anthony.


Jeff:     I think you’re right.


Bob:    I’m pretty sure that’s the guy. I believe they’re still married now.


Jeff:     I don’t know. Anyway, well, I guess I’m wrong, because it would be on this list if not. But that was your Celebrity Divorce Gore, and until next week take care.


Bob:    Bye.

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