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Divorce-Say provides support for individuals suffering the effects of broken relationships through the written word. Here you will find articles addressing the legal, financial, and therapeutic concerns of people wrestling with the challenges of moving on with their lives after divorce.

Articles address custody, visitation, child support, maintenance and many more legal and financial topics as well as therapeutic and counseling issues unique to children and parents going through divorce.

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Right of First Refusal – Big Win for Non-Custodial Parents


Governor Quinn approved the Right of First Refusal bill on August 16. The Right of First Refusal bill will become effective law in Illinois on January 1, 2014. The law will require that when a custodial parent needs someone to watch the children, they must first ask the non-custodial parent to watch the children before asking someone else.

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The Rise of the Postnup


With almost all 50 states now allowing postnups, they are increasingly being used. A postnup is similar to a prenup, but it is for already-married couples. Postnuptial agreements can cover everything a prenup can. For example, a postnup can allow couples to agree how to divide financial assets in divorce. According to a survey of divorce lawyers, 51% saw an increase in postnups from 2009 to 2012.

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Simon Cowell Accused of Adultery

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Simon Cowell has been listed as a co-respondent in the divorce paperwork filed by Andrew Silverman. Cowell is reportedly expecting a child with Andrew Silverman’s soon to be ex-wife, Lauren Silverman. Divorce paperwork filed by Andrew Silverman in New York alleged adultery as the grounds for divorce. By listing Cowell as the co-respondent, Cowell may be called to testify in court about his relationship with Lauren and his financial situation. The court may also order a DNA test of the unborn child.

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