About Us

Brad Tengler

If it has to do with divorce, child custody, or any other co-parenting related issue, Brad’s got you covered. He has studied and practiced law since 2006. Before his decision to attend law school, Brad lived in Pennsylvania for half of his life. About 20 years ago he moved to Illinois and became a journalism teacher. After being in the work force for about 10 years Brad decided to take things in a different direction and dedicate his life to the practice of law. His family law firm in Rockford has helped hundreds of families get their lives back on track. The legal counsel that he has to offer extends far beyond the courtroom. It is Brad’s desire that through Divorce Talk Radio people can have a forum to discuss their divorce-related issues while having access to resources pertaining to their divorce-related needs.
The Law Office of Bradley Tengler – tenglerlaw.com

Emily McGrath

For those going through a divorce, Emily McGrath is one person you will want to have on your team. Having gone through a divorce herself, after being married 10 years, Emily felt every negative emotion that most divorcing women feel. With a lot of self-work and the willingness to become a better person and grow, she was able to overcome all of those feelings. It is now her desire to offer the support and grief coaching that divorcing women need as they pick up the pieces of their lives and move on.

A mother of one, Emily has successfully recovered from her divorce and desires to help other women do the same. She is certified through the Grief Coach Academy, which has given her effective tools to help her client’s through their grief and pain. Emily’s coaching is designed to help others cope through the pain of divorce, while helping them heal, become happier, and find joy in everyday life.
Freedom From Heartache – freedomfromheartache.com

Geoff Carter

Geoff, a Rockford, IL native, has been in the radio and broadcasting business for years. While naturally blessed with the gift of gab, Geoff has also obtained a formal education in his area of expertise. In 2011, he graduated from the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, which has led to many gigs producing and hosting radio shows. Working as the program director of an internet radio station, hosting two of his own radio shows, and producing commercials and podcasts, Geoff wears many hats. If there’s anyone who knows how to make people listen, it’s Geoff Carter.
Geoff Carter – geoffcarter.net